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August 28, 2014 - Madison, WI
Rep. John Nygren Receives State Chamber's "Working for Wisconsin" Award
August 19, 2014 - Marinette, WI
Lockheed Martin and Marinette Marine Corporation Host U.S. Senator for Littoral Combat Ship Production Tour

LCS Detroit Moveout
On June 27, the Freedom industry team completed the engineering feat of moving the 389-foot, 7.5 million-pound littoral combat ship Detroit from the construction site to the waterfront in preparation for launch later this year. Freedom-class LCS are comprised of about 2,000 tons of steel and 500 tons of aluminum, enough aluminum to make 65 million 12 ounce soda cans!

Photo Gallery of Moveout >

June 16, 2014 - Marinette, WI
Fincantieri Marine Group Announces Leadership Changes at Marinette Marine Corporation
May 29, 2014 - Green Bay, WI
Fincantieri Marine Group Awarded Multiple Safety Awards
April 8, 2014 • MARINETTE, WI
Marinette Marine Corporation Awarded Additional Coast Guard Response Boats (Medium)

March 10, 2014 • WASHINGTON
U.S. Navy Issues $698.9 million Contract Modification to Lockheed Martin for FY14 Littoral Combat Ships

February 20, 2014 • Marinette, WI
Keel Authenticated for 11th Littoral Combat Ship, the future Sioux City
February 19, 2014 • Marinette, WI
Lockheed Martin-Led Team Lays Keel on Nation's Eleventh Littoral Combat Ship
December 18, 2013 • Marinette, WI
Future USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) Christened and Launched, Marks Production Milestone
September 22, 2013 • San Diego, CA
Navy's Littoral Combat Ships are Innovative and Challenge the Status Quo
September 13, 2013 • Marinette, WI
SECNAV Visits Marinette Marine, Highlights LCS
September 13, 2013 • Marinette, WI
Navy Leadership Stands Firm on the LCS Program (Green Bay Press Gazette)
September 12, 2013 • Marinette, WI
Navy Secretary Visits Marinette Marine (Fox 11 Online)
September 12, 2013 • Marinette, WI
Mabus Visits Marinette Marine, Addresses LCS Freedom Industry Team (Seapower Magazine)
September 12, 2013 • Marinette, WI
USS Coronado Commissioning Slated for April 5, 2014 (Coronado Eagle & Journal)
September 3, 2013 • SOUTH CHINA SEA
Freedom Underway to Participate in Multilateral SEACAT 2013
August 21, 2013 • SINGAPORE
LCS Crew 101 Returns from First Underway of the Deployment
July 26, 2013 • WASHINGTON
CNO Defends LCS Program in Wake of GAO Skepticism

May 20th, 2013 • Marinette, WI
Marinette Marine Completes $74 Million in Shipyard Improvements

March 5, 2013 • Marinette, WI
Marinette Marine Corporation Awarded Two Additional LCS Ships

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LCS Fort Worth Move Out
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